Global Mentoring Walk (GMW)

Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI) is shortlisted as one of the Nigerian flag bearers for the Global Mentoring Walk (GMW) by the Vital Voices Global Partnership, Waashington DC. Annually, to mark the International Women’s Day, we organise and kick off a Mentoring program which brings together the established women leaders (mentors) and the young aspiring women (mentees) from environmentally disadvantaged communities to discuss their challenges and successes and establish a mentoring relationship, in which the established leader guides, mentors  and supports her mentee. Our approach to mentoring is both professional and informal that helps our beneficiaries become more effective and productive.

Go Make A Difference (GOMAD) Project

The current economic and security realities require pragmatic solutions to ensure youth do not continue to channel their energies and ideas into vices such as kidnapping, smuggling, armed robbery etc. GOMAD potentially addresses the problem of unemployment and lack of enterprising skill among youth in slum/rural communities. The project brings in a major component of theoretical and practical lessons in business start-ups, while providing beneficiaries with an opportunity to acquire a holistic business management coaching and mentoring. 

The project selects and trains youth on practical and leadership/managerial skills to enable them start and grow their individual careers and business ideas. This avails them the opportunity to learn desired vocational skill or career, integrated with mentorship to help them get established in their chosen field. 

‘My Dooti My Businesss’ Sanitation Campaign

The unconscious littering of the environment with satchet water nylons and other dirts is a norm in the slum communities where WHAI works. This has led to the blockage of drainage, breeding of mosquitoes resulting to recurrent health issues the residents face. WHAI is Increasing the environmental and sanitation awareness in slum communities using the business view of it ; teaching them  good ethical practice on sanitation and proper waste disposal , and been accountable for their environment. The people’s mindsets have not been re-orientated towards the business aspects of the waste water nylons which would enable them become conscious of how they dispose the nylons. Aside the government initiatives, sanitary awareness or sensitization is very low in these communities.

‘My Dooti My Businesss’ Campaign aims to initiate sustainable and ethical sanitation practices through business perspective of waste nylons among the people especially the target audience who are street traders, shop owners, residents; schools/students within the slums.

‘Dooti’ is the local parlance of dirt in the region and when they take ownership of dirt caused by waste sachet water nylon, it becomes their business of keeping the waste safe and gets incentives when recycling firms comes for the collection. With this in place, they exhibit sanitation/sanitary ethical practices.

Rural Girl-Child Uprising

Rural school leavers make up a large and vulnerable group (including to be trafficked) and they are been over looked. According to world development report, greater attention needs to be given to the human capital needs of the girl-child. Expanding girls education is the most obvious lever to change the situation of young women. WHAI comes up with a model for non- formal education to support low quality education in the rural communities.

WHAI is working with rural based girls to strengthen and establish active rural young girls. We equip girls in the rurals with requisite skills to exploit new opportunities. We offer them proper/active guidance and counseling in place to prepare them for the future ahead after graduating from high school. Rural girl-child livelihood opportunities, fostering on an entrepreneurial mind set with a strong focus on life skills training.

Beyond Skill Initiative (BSI)

To ensure women and youth do not continue to remain unemployed or poor after the empowerment or skill acquisition training, BSI was developed. It builds the entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness of the trained beneficiaries to take risk and bring their ideas to fruition. BSI empowers youth on practical and leadership/managerial skills to enable them start and grow their learnt skill. 

Beyond Skill Initiative offers Value Orientation to change their mindset, expose them to financial literacy, business plan writing, understanding the market, the trends, marketing strategy, branding positioning etc. BSI comes with Leadership Suite that equips them become more productive; and ensures start-up entrepreneurs have the competencies they will need to thrive in their respective ventures. BSI exposes them to tap into the ICT market potential that will boost their enterprise. Coaches them navigate information, collaborate with others (partnerships), create uniqueness in their business; evaluate their work; improve on it; and share it with the world.

WHAI Resource Center (WRC)

We established a Resource Center within a slum where we offer series of free training and provide resources that enable the residents improve their lives and contribute to community development.  Majority of the residents are faced with host of challenges incapacitating them from making sustainable means of income. They lack the leadership skills and technical know-how to develop set goals and personal development.

The WRC offers them a warehouse full of resources to realize their dreams and build leadership and entrepreneurship skills. WRC is equipped with laptops, 24 hours WiFi with backup power, powerful resource materials etc that help to unleash their creative potentials and and never allow their background or status to limit them.

Since the WRC is cited within the community, they walk in to ask questions, use the facilities, resources and computers for their personal development.

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