WYSD 2020: Skills for a Resilient Youth in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

World Youth Skills Day is created to raise awareness of the skills gap keeping young people out of work. World Youth Skills Day 2020 will take place in a challenging context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Millions of youths are kept out of job by a lack of skills. However, obtaining some skills could help them reach their full potential. With the COVID-19, the skills youths need to find, remain in a job or keep business afloat keep changing.

Millions of young people still lack access to 21st century skills, some only hold on to their certificates. As the global economy evolves, youths should focus on developing their raw talents, abilities and competencies they need to succeed. Something as simple as good communication can take one global or something as specific as engineering.

At Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI), we support youth skills in slum/rural communities by first discovering their talents and passion so they will be properly guided and mentored. We work with the government, companies and private partners to equip them with entrepreneurial and career skills.

WHAI is transforming the formal vocational training experience or empowerment programs politicians do organize. Vocational skill is not enough, because we see those who underwent those empowerment programs still unemployed and not utilizing the skills theyve learnt.

Through one of our projects, Beyond Skill Initiative (BSI), we offer Value Orientation to change their mindset, expose them to financial literacy, business plan writing, understanding the market, the trends, marketing strategy, branding positioning etc. Everything that equips them become more productive and thrive in their respective learnt skills, including tapping into the ICT market potential that will boost their learnt skills.

We are passionately equipping young people with the skills and support they need to succeed in life. Our aim is to close the skills gap and empower youths to be the best they can be.

You can help by sharing this message, partner with us or connect with us @WHAIafrica on all social media platforms to follow and benefit from our work. WhatsApp also +2348033842029

We would be on 1 TV and 3 radio stations today educating our youths on this and discussing tips to ease them acquire the skills.

Improve youth skills , and change the world!


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