The team, Uche Enem, Ezinwa Chinyere, Somtoo Akwuobi and Udegboka Nkechi was invited by the Igwe. The Executive Director of Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI), Nkechi Tessie Udegboka gave a summary about WHAI and how the initiative has helped for years in capacity building of young people.

She said that WHAI was working with the Ministry of Education in gathering facts on young girls that are now drop outs and young mothers in Ayamelum LGA.

WHAI has undertaken few studies, focused group discussions, surveys and spoken to community president general, stakeholders and other community members based on this project and the Girls Lead Club to be launched this Sunday to mark the International Day of the Girl Child.

WHAI will start from Secondary Schools to gather these young girls on time so that the Girls Lead Club could be sustainable.

With all the iintervention plans, change cannot happen if the stakeholders and parents are not involved.

Devising best ways to stop them from allowing their girls into entering early marriage

The launching of the ‘Girls Lead Club’ by Miss Nigeria will help in championing the cause for these girls and fighting for their rights.

The ‘Back to School’ initiative will support at least 60 vulnerable girls to return to school.

The project initiative will encapsulate talents, skills, debate sessions etc.

Igwe Chidume was higjly impressed with the initiative and pledged to give his total supoort. He said he will work with Omor security personnel to ensure the event goes well.

The Igwe said that he is willing to receive Miss Nigeria in his palace.


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Written by Uche Enem for @WHAIafrica

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