The Poor PLHIVs for The 1st Time Get a Meaningful Palliative

We are happy to inform we have procured food stuffs and packaged all into 300 bags for the 300 beneficiaries this weekend.

We will start distribution by Monday according to the support groups, 20 beneficiaries per day for each SG. This is in line with the social distancing practice.

We have 4 support groups and 30 indigent, widows, pregnant women with HIV from different supports groups around the state to benefit from the palliative.

Each pack contains rice , 10kg of beans, half dozen of tomato paste and noodles, and vegetable oil with curry powder in some.

The PLHIVs are with tears of joy for been remembered. Their hopes are high. You need to hear their stories. According to the Network of People Living with HIV (NEPWAN) cordinator in Anambra state, no individual, politician, company or government has remembered them.

Thanks to the AHF for the partnership to touch lives.

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