Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Sometime early in 2021, a friend of mine in Abuja, Chinenye John sent me a document to nominate WHAIafrica for a project that recognizes organizations that worked to cushion the effects of covid on poor individuals and communities.

I told her not to nominate us because we haven't done enough that there are organizations that are doing better especially in Lagos.

She reluctantly left.

Two weeks after she came back again and asked, 'Am I sure? ' I told her yes. Let her nominate other organizations. I reminded her how I don't apply for anything award, prize or campaign for votes to win award or to be named the Best whatever.

Chinenye quietly left me again.

Unknowingly to me she started nominating me for the award and got back to me when she needed some information about WHAIafrica. I asked her, 'why are you insisting on this.?'

I told her I was busy, that will supply her the information later in the week. Meanwhile the submission deadline was already closeby.

Two months later, I got a congratulatory mail from +1Global Fund by The Roddenberry Foundation that I have been awarded $15,000.

I was in tears - how I pushed this oppourtunity away but God pushed it back to me.

Sometime again later this year, Airtel Touching Lives nomination came up. A friend sent it to me to apply. I told him, I don't apply for awards or nomination.

I only shared the link with one of our Advisory Board Member, Ifii and forgot about it.

One day I got a call from a guy who said he was calling from Airtel Touching Lives. Initially, thought it was a scam as I became the one asking him probing questions like how many people nominated WHAIafrica that we have to be shortlisted.

I got back to Ifii if she nominated WHAIafrica and she said yes. I said, how can Airtel shortlist an organization only one person nominated and leave out organization hundreds of persons have nominated.

After months of due diligence and background checks on WHAIafrica, we finally got a congratulatory mail that Airtel found WHAIafrica and the work we do worthy.

These two scenario became a sober reflection for me this 2021. We all have different calling and destiny. Don't try to copy someone's lifestyle because that might not workout for you.

I have received some global awards in the past which I didn't solicit for or asked anyone to nominate me. I don't apply for any oppourtunity that will end up asking me to solicit for votes to be shortlisted.

I don't put my eyes on awards or recognition while I do my work. I allow them to come naturally and organically. 😂.

I have never shared campaign asking my network to nominate or vote me to win, though I campaign for others. This is my bad but please don't do such, it may not work for you.

Come 2022, should I trash this bad part of me and welcome asking people to vote or nominate the work we do?

Recognize what God has called you to be, discover the talent He has given you and start building on them. Trust me, you will go places.


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