Local2Global (L2G) with Ada Africa WHY AND HOW I LIKE MONDAYS!

Thank Goodness it's Monday (TGIM)

I have pleasant reasons for saying TGIM.

Here are my reasons:

1st - Monday is the beginning of a new venture - the start of another journey.

2nd - TGIM because I have d opportunity for a fresh new start. Last week's mistakes can be corrected this week. Last week's sorrow can become this week's joy.

3rd - Monday morning is the only time I can stand up and say, "so far this week, I haven't made much mistakes"

4th - Mondays give me the opportunity to dream new dreams and set new goals.

5th - It's a day I can write on a clean sheet all the things i want to accomplish for the entire week.

6th - TGIM because I'm reminded that life is giving and loving. On weekends, I indulged in doing 'my thing' and lived for myself.

On Monday morning, I'm awakened to the fact to begin to work for the betterment of my society because the greatest joy in life comes to me when I serve others passionately.

7th - Mondays, I anticipate new opportunities and new email alerts.

8th - Mondays allow me brainstorm new ideas, counsel, encourage, strengthen and lift someone else up.

9th - ... Should I continue?

The connecting dot here is: My work is my hobby! My work is my passion!

Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them!

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