L2G with Ada Africa: Strategizing Yourself For Global Opportunities

You were born with an assignment; don’t die until you fulfill it. Your God given assignment will: Tug your heart, lead you to your highest fulfillment and unlock your creativity!

With just few publications of Local2Global series, many have written or called to ask I help them get into opportunities.

Femi (not real name) said he is multi talented and have developed a product that will impact lives; he only needs capital to get the machineries and launch the product.

Now, let’s dissect this together, Femi doesn’t have a written business plan, none of his social media accounts reflect the product he is developing or his work, he hasn’t been contributing to the product line sector; he doesn’t have a circle of people who is skilled or interested in the product he is developing; he doesn’t have a mentor or belong to the professional body rather enclosed to himself waiting to surprise the world when he gets free millions of money to launch his ‘amazing’ product.

I am always impress when I see young people, always talking about what they do and sharing their work experiences. Such might get them recommendation and referrals. I read and see the passion in them. That should be one of the ways in strategizing oneself for opportunities. I remember working as a Couple/HIV Counselor in one of the health institutions. The management kept training co-staffs but refused to send me for any training. Despite the ill treatment, I fell in love with the job and became so passionate about it that I personally started training myself. I sourced for relevant training (online and offline) and paid to attend some. I connected with top colleagues in the field and learnt from them. I documented my daily experiences working with People living with HIV (PLHIV) and started writing scientific papers based on my work experience of the virus and from the medical lab. Within one year, I got three invitations and scholarships from International Conference organizers in Germany, Brazil and Italy, and another from a research institute in South Africa. From attending the conferences, I got linked to the world’s top profile health professionals who added me to the professional networks they belonged to, and from which I keep getting opportunities to grow in my career. The scholarships did not just happen, I already have strategized myself for it. If I had not, the opportunities will come and pass me by.

In 2013, I reluctantly took up the position of a Managing Director of a Manufacturing Company. Though knowing I was a stark illiterate when it comes to running or managing a business/company then, so I embarked on various business management and leadership courses, programs, trainings, etc including online and offline. I applied for different professional programs for managers and business leaders. As I was learning, I was implementing immediately in the company and stepping down the knowledge to other staff, hence enabled me grow and risen faster in the career. I gave a corporate structure and online presence to the company like a professional, hence when the Mandela Washington Fellowship program #YALI came; they found me and my work worthy, thus was selected. You too could get selected in some of the opportunities but first how are you strategizing yourself to tap into the opportunities? If you strategize and prepare yourself ahead, when the opportunity comes, it clicks easily to your side. Will you start strategizing and prepare yourself to tap into the numerous opportunities about to spark up your life and career? If yes, how are you currently doing it? Share with me, will give you more guide and insights. Let’s keep moving. I’m available to answer your questions and walk you through. Trust me, you will go places.

Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them! ®Udegboka Tessie Nkechi

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