Today many, both graduates and non-graduates are looking for job but there is no job. Many calls to say if I see any job opportunity I should connect them. While waiting for that job opportunity, could you think of the skills you have and see how you can turn them into a business or career to make some income.

And if you do not have any, why not consider acquiring some skills.

Sometimes, one of the easiest way to take control of your life is to parlay the talent and energy you customarily give to someone else's business into your own business. Though it depends if your skills and experience are transferable into a money-making venture and most importantly, whether you love what you do enough to continue doing it on your own as a business.

Are you unemployed and wondering if your skills are transferable to startup or own a business? Take a few hours off, away from family and friends to assess your talents. Take along with you a pen and paper; reflect, meditate and answer these questions:

* Are my skills transferable to a service or production business?

* Does my skill or talent have a business potential?

* Do I need additional training or skill?

* Will I need a business partner whose skills will complement mine?

* Do people need my skills/talent? Will it meet a need in our society?

* Will it be easy to promote/market my talent to the target market?

If one has more YES to NO, consider setting up your own enterprise.

Consult enterprise developers, it's a good way to get some feedback on your idea. Chat with few successful entrepreneurs in a similar business to find out more; what worked or didn't work for them.

Starting a skill-based enterprise is easier than the business you know less about. Not because you've seen some doing it and making money, you then want to go and learn the business. Make sure you have enough passion and energy to withstand when the challenges pour in.

The big question I always ask is: Are you passionately prepared emotionally to own the business without benefits, job security and a regular income at the beginning? A tough one but a reality.

Read more entrepreneurship tips on my blog .I would be available to answer your questions and walk you through.

Trust me, you will go places. Recognize

what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them.

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has given you and start building o

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