In marking the International Women's Day (IWD), we’ve been talking about gender equality, giving women same opportunity etc. It doesn’t mean women are contesting equality with men. Rather same opportunity given to men should be given to women.

Kike and Bayo are age mates, went to the same school, studied same course, graduated with same degree, got into the same job position in the same firm, do same work but because Kike is a female, her salary is lesser than that of Bayo. He is given an official car, and she is left to find her means of transportation. Is it fair?

Emeka is a multibillionaire with two kids, a male and female. He sent his son to an expensive private university. When I asked about the daughter, he said that no federal university has offered her admission after two years but one private university did, however she won’t be schooling there. I asked why. Said, he can’t pay such an amount of school fees for a woman that he will sell out, that he pays such for his son, because he remains his heir. Just imagine!

Away from the IWD celebrations, let’s look at #PassionEqualsSuccess. I heard the book, “Do What You Love, Money Will Follow”, liberated many unhappy workers in the US. When one goes into any work just for job security, the enthusiasm is not tapped. I see that mostly in civil service. Some of them work to ‘eat’ the government money and not that they are really passionate to bring growth and development to their work. “I work for passion, not for money” has been my motto. And through my passion, the money comes.

The most successful entrepreneurs are successful because they integrate they passion into their career or business. They center themselves in the required tasks, exhibiting great force and vitality. They give all they have to the business because that’s what move them and give them joy.

As an entrepreneur, your genuine passion for your business should propel you to success.

What opportunity are you working on? Any challenge with it? Talk to Ada Africa. Would be available to answer your questions and walk you through. #IWD2021

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