Two amazing entrepreneurs, Emma and Sam applied for same global opportunities including grants to help grow their separate enterprising ventures.

Sam got the World Bank scholarship to study Entrepreneurship Management at Pan Atlantic University; got $10,000 grant to expand his business; got another certificate course worth N750,000 scholarship from Oxfam. He later got selected to participate in two trainings and one fellowship program outside the country.

Meanwhile, Emma who is very passionate and creative with his business and had applied for same opportunities like Sam, couldn’t get selected for any of the programs. He only managed to get to the interview stage for two opportunities.

Why do you think two incredible entrepreneurs apply for same opportunities, one keeps been selected, getting grants while the other doesn’t?

There are few ‘secrets’ and tips in preparing astounding applications, coupled with basic foundation one ought to build to aid make solid application. As a proudly local African who has gone global with participation in over 23 global opportunities which includes 4 Professional Fellowships programs; 7 grants ; 7 scholarships for scientific paper presentations at International conferences; 4 scholarships for advanced certificate courses; 3 certified online development programs, international volunteer opportunities among others.

A lot and more of these opportunities I have benefited from are still available and been published online on different platforms. It is one thing to know the opportunities, and another to know how best to apply for them.

Do you have a business idea you are so passionate about, you’ve been working on it and no money to start up the business; or you have started the business and need more capital to expand? Are you done with your university first degree and desire to further to Master’s program but lack funds? Are you a creative writer and haven’t been making money from writing? You desire to attend international programs or make paper presentations based on your job experience? Etc. There are various opportunities waiting for you to grab.

There are more I will be bringing in the course of this series, ‘Local2Global’ #L2G so that you would not be left out in participating in global opportunities.

As a beneficiary of so many of the opportunities, I am here to reveal the best practices in applying for opportunities so that you too could benefit. Your application should be a self-portrait of whom you are; what you do; so autograph it with excellence.

Would be available to answer all your burning questions and walk you through. Ask me what you want. #WHAafricaI #AdaAfrica

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