It's Digital Literacy Day for Us

Today is International Literacy Day and this week,, we continue to offer Digital Literacy. Few selected kids from the informal settings undergoing WHAI free digital skills started the Arduino programming language.

The selected kids are meant to coach other kids on how to code with Arduino uno.

They started with learning about electronics, touching and feeling every component.

The kids extracted the Arduino raw file from the internet, copied it unto the flash drive and went round the laptops to install the software themselves.

After the installations, learning about electronics, watching some videos on how Arduino works, they are set to starting learning the codes after which they build their own project.

It was so fun and exciting for the kids that some wouldn't want to go home again.

Thanks to the volunteer student engineer, Ezea Emmanuel and all our supporters making the students useful during the pandemic.

On this Literacy Day, the kids will be coding while you read them out. 😀

Happy International Literacy Day

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