How Do I Keep Selling In The Covid-19 Economy?

Businesses that remain flexible and re-strategize fast in sales plan have a better chance of surviving, if not flourishing, in a slack economy.  Instead of been depressed when business is slow due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs should do the things they put off during busy periods. Make technical improvements in products or services, revise your sales offers, or redesign or create the market presentation?

In this pandemic, I urge startups not to go after large numbers of new customers; rather focus should be on increasing the amount of every sales transaction. For example, I sell shoes, I establish a business relationship with a reputable clothing store to refer customers to my business or provide matching footwear to the clothes he sells, and offer to return the favor.

Since some income is better than no income, I recommend entrepreneurs take on smaller projects that they would normally refuse. For instance, if you make furniture and specializes in indoor remodeling, but no one is buying new homes, call your clients and offer to do smaller jobs and ‘’handyman’’ projects until the larger indoor remodeling jobs reappear.

The most important thing about a slow business during the COVID-19 pandemic is not to be depressed by it. We can do something about it.Talk to Ada Africa. Would be available to answer your questions and walk you through. Trust me, you will go places.Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them!

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