COVID19 School Resumption: Another Set of Female Students Lost to Early Marriage

Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI) continues her visitation to schools in the riverine communities to ascertain the situation of students post COVID-19, as schools reopen.

WHAI Team was at the COMMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOL, IGBAKWU, where we sat with the school principal to ascertain the situation of things most especially as regards to the the number of students returning to school after the COVID-19 lockdown.

The team was introduced and the mission and vision of WHAI and the visit was made known to principal.

She is newly posted to the school and coupled that the school just resumed, she cannot give proper record till next week when the students must have resumed properly. After discussing with the principal, she gave WHAI Team go ahead to meet and interact with the students.

On interacting with the students on how they spent the COVID-19 holiday, some said they read their books while others said they went farming.

The students expressed they lost four female students from their class who got married during the COVID-19 holiday. They were encouraged for returning to the school and motivated to take their studies serious for the future belongs to those who are able to complete at least high school.

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