Omalicha Africa (Beautiful Africa) Designs


OmaAfri Designs is a social enterprise of WHAI, through which we are discovering creative talents among the vulnerable and training them to start crafting creative products from wastes, and craft new designs that the society needs. Through our products, we create unique designs to showcase and promote African cultural heritage and beauty.

Our main products are: 

- Costume Fashion Accessories                        - Ankara-infused Designer Wears

- Wall frame Craft-works                                    - Customized bags

- Artistic marble effects                                       - Footwear Revamp

- Afro-customized souvenirs/gift items etc.

Our major customer target are Africans in Diaspora, people who like creative works and value cultural wears. 



To promote African cultural heritage and beauty globally; and give Afro signature touch to corporate wears, costumes, articles etc.


To create unique African designs and craft works made with state of the art hand technology by the indigent youth living in the resource limited setting.


To sustainably run the social enterprise, meet demand, deliver on time and create more new products, we need the following machinery – Flat bed plotter; three sewing machines; Embroidery machine; Heat press; tools and bulk of raw materials.

A loan will assist us in getting all these and utilize them in growing, sustaining the enterprise and bringing financial income to the less privileged group doing the work.

We seek for funding or a loan to craft and create more products. 

Visit our social our IG (@OmalichaAfrica) and FB (@OmaAfriDesigns) to see more of our products.