I hardly attend functions including weddings, burials, parties etc.

Recently a friend not dragged me to attend a funeral ceremony with her of a neighbor who lost her young daughter.

Oh God, the whole compound was carpeted, everywhere was glittering with nice decorations all over. I estimated the millions on those branding and decorations.

We were led to one of the tents, DJ was blasting hip-hop 🎶🎵 and a rapper was entertaining the supposed condolence visitors. I was confused about where I was, party or funeral? My friend said, it's the trending thing. It was my first experience, feel free to laugh at mgbii.

On our way out, I peeped into another tent and discovered a different DJ with an entertainer was there too, blasting.

There were about 5 Asoebi groups. And all were displaying fashion and having merriment over the late lady who died, aged 39years. Expensive drinks and all kinds of Sumptuous meals were available. So many costly souvenirs were shared.

I was privileged to have witnessed how funerals are done these days and that made me understand why burial committees are quickly formed in various WhatsApp groups when one is bereaved.

Chiamaka and John of the same parents lost their younger brother. The siblings separately started raising funds for 'entertainment'. Chiamaka formed her own burial committee likewise John and both added me on their different WhatsApp groups for the same funeral.

While in the US last December, a Nigerian man lost his younger brother who was based in Nigeria. He used the opportunity to add all the contacts on his phone to form a burial fundraising committee. As that was not enough, he kept calling and begging friends to donate to him because he has lost a brother. Meanwhile, he has no plans to travel for the funeral or send the money home, rather used it to relocate to another state in the US.

When my friend in Ibadan lost his mum, he came to me to help him raise funds. I told him to use the little he has and burial the mum decently. He said no, his mum was everything to him, hence he must give him a 'befitting' funeral.

Weeks after the burial, he told me that he is looking for money to start his business as he has used everything for the funeral.

My friend from Nigeria, Solomon died in China and I went to visit the wife to condole with her. I asked if Solomon would be buried in China since the family couldn't raise the millions to bring the corpse to Nigeria. She shouted, God forbid! That they must bring her husband back to her.

I didn't know how they managed to bring the corpse home after about 7months. Few months after the burial, she cried to me that there is no money to send her children to school. I reasoned, those millions of money gifted to ndi ocha in the name of bringing the corpse home should have been invested in his living children.

My friend, Kim lost his brother living in Spain with him. He added me to WhatsApp to raise funds to bring the corpse to Nigeria. I told him if the family doesn't have the funds, why not bury him over there. Such would not stop him from making heaven if he is already due for heaven. He said never, he must bring his brother home.

I remained on that WhatsApp group to observe how the donations were flowing. About $6000+ was raised. Neither did he travel to Nigeria for the brother's funeral nor showed evidence to the group how much he spent for the corpse to be airlifted. I later learned his other brothers in Nigeria were the ones who sponsored the airlift of the corpse.

The wealthy families who have the money to splash, can go on such burial carnivals. My concern is that families who do not have such capacity, rather than mourn for their beloved, are now mourning for how to raise funds to meetup like how the rich did theirs.

I wish society will leave me one day to bury the dead. And someone told me that I will need 7cows to bury my dad if he dies today. I asked, "What if I don't have money for the 7cows?" Certain burial rules and traditions should be reconsidered in this harsh time so that the living will have little cash to survive on.

© Ada Africa Udegboka


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I am running crazy this weekend not because of the US grant that will take me to Tanzania, rather the process.


After I graduated from West Africa Broadcast & Media Academy -WABMA last September, I applied for an internship. My preference was a radio house to enable me complete the voice therapy I was undergoing.

I chose Odenigbo FM because of the proximity to my location. WABMA sent my CV and communicated with the station manager who accepted. The station manager upon realizing it is Ada Africa coming for the internship declined immediately. 😂

WABMA asked I choose another media firm

I checked other radio houses but they were all a distance from my location and the feel I won't be contributory to the firm or learn much there. I reluctantly chose another radio house but got info they don't take interns.

I gave up and forgot about it for two months.

Chu Nwankwo, a journalist asked I go for Anambra Broadcasting Service - ABS. I weighed the option and sent the name to WABMA. ABS under Dr. UCHE NWORAH accepted me to work as an intern and was told to go meet him.

On entering his office, guess the first thing he asked me, "Why do you have to go round through WABMA since you already have a relationship with ABS? You should have come straight to my office as our doors are always open to welcome you". I told him I like following due process and formal procedures.

He immediately signed my letter and directed me to the Directors of Admin and Programs. And asked I work under Ify Unachukwu at the programs department.

I work four days weekly at ABS, Awka and Onitsha respectively which wasn't easy for me considering my other work scheduled at WHAIafrica.

The state of the art technology in the Studio, Control Room and Editing Suite captured me

This was how the imagination of producing 3D Animation using our local contents developed more. We have a lot of impact stories to tell from our projects using the 3D animation.

The LINC opportunity came up, using what I was experiencing at the ABS studio complex, I applied. Some of the staffs are supportive in strengthening my skill in professional video editing/production which is needed before I further to 3D Animations.

Today the US Department of State and IREX is paying my way to Tanzania to acquire this uncommon skills in 3D Animations built from scratch for Africa with our local characters and contents.

As the tears of joy flows, I reflected on this and more: Had it been Odenigbo99.1FM didn't decline my internship position, would this have come up today?

Indeed, disappointment could be a blessing!

Let's keep developing ourselves!

© Udegboka Tessie Nkechi WhatsApp

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Most of them including some of the pastors might not be aware of Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah 's plan to scam their clients or church members. He has sugar coated and made them trust and believe CHINMARK AIRLINE, WATER, MARITIME, ESTATES etc are coming.

These are young people who are not yet experienced in the business world. They might be innocent because they marketed what their boss convinced them to do.

I was once in a similar situation: An American lady I met in Washington DC, brainwashed me with a win-win situation scheme when she visited Nigeria and I took her to meet with the governor's wife, organized a state level training, connected her to a Minister and commissioner, took her to different ministries and at the end she duped the 1st Lady, the state and others I marketed her to.

My image was dented because of that. The Minister wouldn't let me be that I planned with the American Lady to dupe him. I wept, I kept calling him everyday to explain my innocence and all that she told me she does which I believed without verification or conducting any background check. It took the Minister months before he believed I was innocent.

I expect the staff and all those who marketed CHINMARK to apologize to their clients. Let them know that you too were deceived rather than going into hiding, keeping quiet or fighting those who are exposing the dealings of the man behind the company. This is the best way to exonerate yourself from the mess. Yes, you were ignorant of the whole plan that it was a Ponzi.


I would have become one of you but something happened, the Holy Spirit intervened, I escaped it. While you take various actions to get your money paid, I plead that you have a plan B. It is not the end of life. I have seen those who left the prison with nothing, in a few years, they are living well. In 2017, everything I suffered, invested my life unto was taken from me, today, I've recovered from it and I am living well.

Your life shouldn't be dependent on what you invested in CHINMARK. Program your mind that aside from the crisis, your future is bright. Work out your plan B and see how your life can move on if eventually CHINMARK didn't pay.

Please can we stop mocking and making jest of those who 'dashed' CHINMARK their money. If they knew it was a Ponzi, they wouldn't have invested. Life is a lesson and they have learnt from this one.

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