As the economy is changing and becoming more competitive, companies have started to pay attention to a new set of skills and not just what your certificate bears. Soft skills like ICT, communication, community service, organization, leadership, etc are becoming increasingly important as a way to choose one candidate over another. Organizations, Companies, Global Agencies etc are now interested in passion, teamwork, cultural fit etc. In today’s world, not only do you need strong hard and soft skills, but you need to develop an online presence that depicts who you are and areas of skill set you have.

When two candidates apply for the same global or national opportunity, both responses to the application questions look good and are both good communicators, the differentiator may be their online influence. When their social media accounts are visited, will their skill set or sector of career and interest area be seen on their social media posts, comments and interactions? When I Google your name, what shows up about you? Does it relate to your business or career sector?

Online presence is not measured by how many selfies and fashionable wears you post online. It is also not measured by how many followers you have, rather the important part is showcasing who you are; what you represent; who are those on your connections online, pages you follow and, what do you post or share online? When you have high online relevant contents, it can help you get selected over the next person. I recently reviewed a client’s business plan for a grant. The business which she claims has been existing for years had nothing with her presence on social media. My classmate, OGECHI , I got to know she is a teacher through her posts and contents about students and classroom learning. When I see opportunities for teachers, I can easily reach out to her. I recently connected with CHINEMEREM after five years of mentoring her. Without asking what she is into, I see that through the contents she posts, hence can easily recommend her to either buyers or suppliers.

Few months ago, a guy via social media marketed a ‘fuelless’ generator to me. He is the southeast distributor of the brand based in Enugu. A search through his social media account showed nothing about the generator or the brand he represents. He couldn’t tag his clients whom the generator is serving etc. He lost me immediately as a customer. When you have an online presence relevant to your career or business, it attracts patronage or employers, who are looking for good hands to hire; and it adds to chances of you being selected in global opportunities. Keep your shortcomings in perspective; you are still a work in progress.

To progress to the Next Level, spend time with those who are already there or know how to get you there. Would be available to answer your questions and walk you through. Trust me, you will go places.

Opportunities for the Week: There are many national and global opportunities currently open which due to space, can’t list all here. Kindly check our Facebook page to see them and start crafting your answers before the deadlines.

I would be available to give you more insights and walk you through. Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them! - Ada Africa © Udegboka Nkechi Tessie

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If you think the social media is only for having fun, relaxation, chatting away or seeking for destiny helpers or giveaways 😂 think again. You can do much with social media other than the above listed. Social media have become an invaluable tool and a convenient way to reach out to a large audience easily.

There has been a significant increase in the number of social media users and with such a large number of users, gives a great platform to boost one’s career or business success since one can connect with numerous professionals or customers from different areas. As an introvert, I always restrict myself to a few friends. I hardly add or accept friends. However, recently I opened up to accept every friend request. What I experienced got me worried - Their first point of communication via inbox is to ask for one financial support or the other without knowing I have more financial needs than them. hahahah! My dear youth, this is not the best way to go about funds seeking. I will stop here for another day but for now, let's learn something important.

Few ways to make the best out of social media and grow your business/career: 1. MAKE YOUR PROFILE A PROFESSIONAL ONE: Update your accounts regularly with activities, learning or work done. Have an optimized professionally looking profile picture and bio, making it easy for recruiters/business/organizations etc to find and offer you opportunities related to your field, skills or talents. A student? What talent or skills do you have; what are you passionate about? Put it out there 2. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHOWCASE YOUR EXPERTISE: The growth of the internet and social media has made it easy for job seekers, employers, potential clients etc to find you. To use this trend to your advantage, showcase your skills, passion, talents through your posts and what you share online, highlighting your gifts and capability. Perhaps, there is someone out there looking for a perfect match for your skills! They may come looking for you and not you going via their inboxes to seek for support.

3. JOIN AND BE ACTIVE IN ONLINE PLATFORMS OR GROUPS Taking part in online groups/platforms is a significant way to build and grow one's business or career. I've met a lot of upcoming artistes, entrepreneurs etc seeking for guides and lo, they didn't belong to any platform or group related to their business sector. Such groups might be rich in related discussions or trending topics in your sector. You might find such communities influential and useful in building your career/business. They can offer you valuable information on growing your business or career. Through such groups, you can come across individuals who can be of significant help in your career or business advancement. 4. INTERACT WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE: The social media is full of people with diverse skills, knowledge, and experience in different fields. Interaction with the right individuals can guarantee you both personal and career growth. Make sure that you establish new connections within your area of specialization, connect with them, and ensure that you engage in fruitful discussions and not asking for support always. No one will be willing to help you for nothing. Usually, it is recommendable to offer value for any connections you make so that the other party can see your worthiness. However, from my recent experience, none is offering me value but wants to grab and grab. (To be continued).

OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE WEEK: Much more opportunities which I can't list here because this article is already lengthy. Rush to

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Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them! -


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Any ordinary person cannot be an entrepreneur. No! You read me wrong. I mean, an ordinary person from the slum or rural area can become a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about experience or special training. It’s more of using your brain, motivating yourself, and building relationships with the right people. So, yes, anyone can do it.

Becoming your own boss and succeeding in business isn’t about being good with book keeping or technology. Those are mere tools of business people. What makes a business thrive and remains unshakeable are passion, determination, right relationship building, relevant skills, and hard/smart work. As long as you genuinely want to succeed, you will. DISREGARD THE HYPE ABOUT ENTREPRENEURS The media loves to portray entrepreneurs as being distinctive individuals, mavericks set apart from the rest of humanity. The media likes telling us the tales of only the successful entrepreneurs. The stories of ordinary entrepreneurs who had a decent but uneventful success do not make dramatic stories. For every celebrated entrepreneur, there are probably half a dozen successful; quieter entrepreneurs who shun the media spotlight and prefer to get on with the job of making their business a success.

Sadly, from my mentoring experience with startup entrepreneurs, some of them believed the nonsense that one needs to be special. You don’t need to have an extraordinary upbringing to be a successful entrepreneur. As long as you can come up with a good idea that you are passionate about and are ready to commit totally to turning it into a commercially viable enterprise, you can be a successful entrepreneur. Leave the rest to us, we know how to drill you and make it a success. OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE WEEK: 1. Apply For MultiChoice Talent Factory Academy Programme 2021: For startups in the creative industry, check this and apply if it appeals to you. 2. The Jubilee Fellows Programme JFP: This program will champion homegrown Nigerian talent and opportunities. If you are a recent Nigerian graduate, Bookmark this opportunity and apply when it's open. 3. $10,000 PRIZE SOCIAL SHIFTERS GLOBAL INNOVATION CHALLENGE: Helps youth 18-30 years move from idea stage to becoming an entrepreneur. 4. Lafiya Innovators Incubation Program: Do you have tech innovations and systemic solutions targeting underserved populations? Check this More opportunities on our social media page. Can't share it all here. Would be available to answer your questions and walk you through. Trust me, you will go places.

Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them! - #AdaAfrica

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