A new set of our kids started Artificial Intelligence free digital skill program today. Before today, none of them has ever heard about the word, 'AI' . We exposed them to the AI beginner video tutorials. They connected the new knowledge to what they see in few movies.

Our special appreciation goes to those who made it possible to recall some of these kids from street hawking and nuisance. Today been the World Humanitarian Day, we celebrate them. We need more partners like them. You too could be one! Let's empower and impact more lives of the vulnerable the covid-19 has worsened their condition. #HumanitarianDay #empoweringlives #unicefnigeria #leapafrica #yalinetwork #acumen

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TheyThey say that one of the best ways to get things moving in your life is to get around achievers; and watch how they work. Even as a professional, I still get co-professionals to review some of my works before I submit. Your development or getting into global opportunities can take place when you cross paths with people who stretch you, as I stretch my mentees and volunteers. Some get angry but come back to announce they've been shortlisted. Before you start answering the questions, consider having a look at the entire application questions. This enables you to brainstorm, reflect and think through the questions so it flows while crafting your responses, and also helps you get any required document ready. Always save and have a copy of every application you submit. You might need it when you move to the next stage of the application process..

I wouldn’t like what happened to me in 2016 happen to you – During the application opening for the Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF), the deadline was fast approaching, yet I hadn’t started the application process. I was rather busy reviewing and putting finishing touches to my clients’ applications. Three days to the deadline, I started applying, answering the essay questions that required deep thought and brainstorming. For three consecutive days, I worked on my application and finally submitted a few minutes before the application portal closed. Typically, I do not submit/apply for opportunities and put my mind on them. I got engrossed with demanding projects and activities, and forgot everything about YALI or MWF. One day, I got an SMS from an unknown MTN number inviting me for an interview. I quickly deleted the message, affirming it’s one of those fraudulent messages since I never applied for any job. There was MWF on the text but I couldn’t figure out what it meant.

To cut the long story short, I later went for the interview which seven of us from Anambra state participated in and I was the only one finally chosen. Before the interview, I dug out and studied the application I submitted that got me shortlisted and that enabled me flow well during the interview.. I understand that some youth in the slum/rural communities I work do not have a computer or laptop. That is a challenge but not a limitation to applying for global opportunities. Focus on your potential, not your limitation. There are centers with computers and Wi-Fi for public usage. If it’s only a Smartphone you have access to, do not apply and submit right away, especially applications that demand for essay writing. There are two ways one can go about it. One is to copy and paste the questions on a Word doc on your phone; work offline crafting your responses. When done, email to a professional to proof read, (DO NOT EMAIL DOCUMENT FOR REVIEW IN A PDF OR SCREENSHOT FORMAT) and when okay, you copy and paste back unto the application form and then submit.

The second way is, write out the application questions, answer them on sheets of paper; move to where there is a computer and type them out before emailing to a professional for review. Relax and work offline, then get back online when ready for submission. I once met a lady in a cyber café trying to work on an application online, she was instructing the café guy on what to do, but the guy wasn't familiar with what she was saying and she was also panicking that her ticketed time was running out. I moved closer, calmed her down and counseled that it doesn’t really work well that way. I suggested either she prints out or download the questions, so she could relax and work offline. She turned to me and said, “Back to sender” that hers must work, that she must get selected for the opportunity.

If you want to fail, believe in luck; if you want to succeed, believe in the principles of cause and effect and you will create your own luck. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard+smart work and that’s brings me luck. Getting into a global opportunity isn’t by luck; one has to work hard for it. Keep your shortcomings in perspective; you are still a work in progress. To progress to the Next Level, spend time with those who are already there or know how to get you there. Kindly subscribe to get more via Would be available to answer your questions and walk you through. Trust me, you will go places.

©Udegboka Nkechi Tessie

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Thank Goodness it's Monday (TGIM)

I have pleasant reasons for saying TGIM.

Here are my reasons:

1st - Monday is the beginning of a new venture - the start of another journey.

2nd - TGIM because I have d opportunity for a fresh new start. Last week's mistakes can be corrected this week. Last week's sorrow can become this week's joy.

3rd - Monday morning is the only time I can stand up and say, "so far this week, I haven't made much mistakes"

4th - Mondays give me the opportunity to dream new dreams and set new goals.

5th - It's a day I can write on a clean sheet all the things i want to accomplish for the entire week.

6th - TGIM because I'm reminded that life is giving and loving. On weekends, I indulged in doing 'my thing' and lived for myself.

On Monday morning, I'm awakened to the fact to begin to work for the betterment of my society because the greatest joy in life comes to me when I serve others passionately.

7th - Mondays, I anticipate new opportunities and new email alerts.

8th - Mondays allow me brainstorm new ideas, counsel, encourage, strengthen and lift someone else up.

9th - ... Should I continue?

The connecting dot here is: My work is my hobby! My work is my passion!

Recognize what God has called you to be, accept the gifts He has given you and start building on them!

We are available to help your startup grow.

#AdaAfrica WhatsApp: +2348033842029 or use this link to chat us

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