Empowerment at WHAIafrica

Slum/Rural Community Project:

WHAIafrica associates herself as part of any slum or rural community, thus creates conditions for slums and rural-based to get trained and work together in a productive way to better their lives economically and socially.

Once WHAI is notified of any community with a challenge that aligns with our mission and vision, we visit, conduct focus group discussion and survey design,  learn more about the community and the target group - what the reality is; what are their actual needs, strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities already exist to meet the particular needs? What are the gaps? 

Following on from the above, WHAI develops clear, realistic and achievable objectives within a defined time scale.

Capacity Building Programs


WHAIafrica organizes series of Capacity Building programs which provide our target group the skills and exposure they need to build and improve their performance, and create sustainable means of income. We offer professional development training positioning the beneficiaries from the slum/rural communities for career or business growth and productivity. We have successfully delivered series of training and would continue to do so building on the in-depth knowledge of the needs of our target audience.

WHAIafrica's capacity building programs are designed to provide the hands-on-skills the participants need to build their competency, improve in their ventures and have sustainable businesses. We continually improve their level of competency through training, mentoring and networking.


Project Stages:

  1. Conduct FGD and survey about the target group; select and engage them in talent discovery.

  2. We train vulnerable ones on practical and leadership/managerial skills, availing them the opportunity to learn desired vocational skill, integrated with mentoring.

  3. Offer Value Orientation to change their mindsets, expose them to financial literacy, business plan/management, technology, entrepreneurial thinking, creative and life skills.

  4. Speed mentoring sessions occur while the, beneficiaries are cross matched with appropriate mentors for their ventures and opt for 6months vocational training or internship.

  5. Through the mentorship, their self confidence grows and able to set foot into their respective fields of business.

  6. Exposed them tap into the ICT market potential, and train them in relevant digital skills to boost their enterprise.

This above is an ongoing process in the lives of the slum and rural-based women and youth we work with. We continually improve our level of competency through training courses in different aspects that would help better their lives and as well bring about community development.




WHAafrica raises level of HIV counselling and testing in the communities and refer for treatment while maintaining an on-going counselling.

We organize sexual and mental health awareness at rural communities to educate and help them overcome the vulnerability. 

Counselling & Referral Services - WHAIafrica partners with health experts and organizations to provide to the vulnerable communities counseling services on healthy lifestyle

 Clients and beneficiaries are provided with referral linkages where they can receive full and specialized treatments and career growth. 

We fundraise for multivitamins to help boost their immunity since most hardly feed well to maintain strong immune system. 

TechQuest Africa

To meet the increasingly and technologicaly focused demands of 21st century living, we engage students, youth and women living in the disadvantaged communities in STEM Education. about 75% of them lack the skills.

We seek engaging ways to bring technology  to life in the communities. We ensure they are not limited because they are based in the slums or rural villages; hence we incorporate and teach the use of technology in our training programs.

We are passionate about utilization of technology by women in the rural communities to grow their careers and businesses. They shouldn’t be limited in the use of technology to become what they want.

In order for our target group to have the digital skills that are necessary for the evolving job market in the 21st century, we started by planting the seeds in them today that will make them successful tomorrow, hence giving them a huge advantage in their future and the future of their society.

We prepare them for handling the technological challenges they might  face, for it is not enough teaching them how to use technology but also how to create technology. Through the TechQuest STEM clubs established in the selected schools, we volunteer to teach students become not only tech consumers but producers.


Community Outreach

WHAIafrica engages vulnerable communities on various empowerment  and training activities. We've had projects in the riverine communities of Anam and Ayamelum, IDP camps in the 6 North East states of Nigeria.

We hold community events like seminars, health, socio-economic outreaches, sensitization, advocacy, entrepreneurship programs and other activities.

Through the community outreach, we raise awareness, promote healthy lifestyle, instill leadership skill in them, and sensitize on the impact of high risk behavioral choices.