Global Mentoring Walk (GMW)

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The Global Mentoring Walk (GMW) was founded by Geraldine Laybourne in the USA. A top class established woman whom many look up to, however, her busy schedule did not allow her meet with dozens of young women who were eager to learn from her and received her advice. Instead of rejecting their requests, she asked them to join her on her morning walk each day.

This actually became a regular occurrence. Eventually, she launched the mentoring walk in key cities across the United States as a means for emerging women leaders to meet with top women leaders.

WHAIafrica is chosen to be the flag bearer for the Global Mentoring Walk in Nigeria by the Vital Voices Global Partnership, Washington DC. Annually, to mark the International Women’s Day, we organise and kick off a Mentoring program which brings together the established women leaders (mentors) and the young aspiring women (mentees) from environmentally disadvantaged communities to discuss their challenges and successes and establish a one year mentoring relationship, in which the established leader guides, mentors  and supports her mentee.

Our approach to mentoring is both professional and informal that helps our beneficiaries become more effective and productive.  

Annually, WHAIafrica uses the GMW to target women and girls with lower socioeconomic stratum, lacking knowledge in personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship; having unequal access to information and technology etc. 

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