WHAI Resource Center (WRC)

Empowering slum and rural lives

WHAIafrica associates herself as part of slum or rural community, thus creates conditions for slums and rural-based women, students and youths to get trained and work together in a productive way to better their lives economically and socially.

WHAIafrica established a Resource Center within a slum where we offer series of free training and provide resources that enable the residents improve their lives and contribute to community development.  

Majority of them are faced with host of challenges incapacitating them from making sustainable means of income. They lack the leadership skills and technical know-how to make sustainable means of income.

The WRC offers them a warehouse full of resources and skills to realize their dreams and build leadership and entrepreneurship skills. WRC is equipped with laptops, laptops, WiFi, backup power, powerful resource materials etc that help to unleash their creative potentials and and never allow their background or status to limit them.

They walk into center at any time to use the facilities and the resources for their personal, career growth and development.

Activities at WRC

WHAIafrica organizes series of Capacity Building programs which provide our target group the skills and exposure they need to build and improve their performance, and create sustainable means of income.

We offer professional development training positioning the beneficiaries from the slum/rural communities for career or business growth and productivity. We have successfully delivered series of training and would continue to do so building on the in-depth knowledge of the needs of our target audience.

WHAIafrica's capacity building programs are designed to provide the hands-on-skills the participants need to build their competency, improve in their ventures and have sustainable businesses. We continually improve their level of competency through training, mentoring and networking.

To meet the technological demands of 21st century, we engage students, youth and women living in the disadvantaged communities on STEM Education which about 75% of them lack the skills.

We ensure they are not limited because they are based in the slums or rural area; hence we incorporate and teach them the use of technology to grow their careers and businesses. 


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