Projects in the North East Nigeria

Empowering the Victims of the Boko Haram Insurgency

In 2020, WHAIafrica started expanding her project to the North-Eastern Nigeria, Borno, Adamawa, Taraba, Gombe, Yobe and Bauchi states to help save, empower and impact lives of displaced women, Youth, Adolescent girls and young women ravaged by the Boko Haram insurgency.

The insurgency crisis is adding to the l chronic under-development as well as high rates of poverty, illiteracy and un- and underemployment in the region. 

Over 26 million people living in the Northeast have been affected by the insurgency and an estimated 14 million are in need of humanitarian assistanceUN OCHA.

WHAIafrica is formally registered in Borno and Adamawa states with focal persons in both states.

CSR Project on Menstrual Hygiene

To promote menstrual hygiene, Keystone Bank in partnership with WHAIafrica distributed menstrual kits with teachings on menstrual hygiene, stages of puberty, sensitization on the use of sanitary pads and proper measures to take during menstruation.

The project was carried out in the six North East states with the aim of creating awareness regarding proper use of menstrual pads and to support the IDPS with the kits for preventing infections. The 3000 beneficiaries were drawn from Girls’ High Schools and IDP camps in the respective states.

Keystone bank also supported account opening for some of the beneficiaries, and with BVN to enable them have their own account to enable them utilize the banking system for their financial transaction and saving. They also received tips on achieving financial empowerment and its importance.

The following objectives for the projects were achieved:

  • Talking; breaking down the period stigma and educating girls on hygiene

  •  Provision of free and safe sanitary products

  • Financial literacy education to end period poverty.