In the late 2000s, the PLHIV  faced discrimination and stigmatization even from families and healthcare workers; expulsion from school; loss of jobs, businesses, family disintegration etc. Their plights ignited our passion; their predicament touched us and, thus, moved us seek for more skills on how to upturn the potentials in them and transform their lives, change the negative experiences they undergo and make them productive in life so they be able to afford their basic/health needs and enjoy life like every other person.

WHAIafrica journeyed with HIV infected persons we came in contact with through which we impacted about 4000 of them. 

We counselled, empowered and provided them with entrepreneurial opportunities as well as  addressed gaps  in the provision of capacity building resources for women and youth living with HIV in  disadvantaged communities.

We continue to provide counselling, preventive measures, referral services and health education to

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WHAafrica raises level of HIV counselling and testing in the communities and refer for treatment while maintaining an on-going counselling.

We organize sexual and mental health awareness at rural communities to educate and help them overcome being vulnerable. 

Counselling & Referral Services - WHAIafrica partners with health experts and organizations to provide to the vulnerable communities counseling services on healthy lifestyle and hyg

 Clients and beneficiaries are provided with referral linkages where they can receive full and specialized treatments and career growth. 

We fundraise for multivitamins to help boost their immunity since most hardly feed well to maintain strong immune system. 

HIV/AIDS Activities

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