About the Girls Lead Club

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Girls Lead Club is for the education, protection and safeguarding of vulnerable girls in high schools from dropping out of school and/or getting into early marriages. The Girls Lead Club works to promote Girls’ education and counter Girl-child marriage.

WHAIafrica  offers the members counselling; personal development tips; sex and human rights education; socio-economic and tech exposures and  life skills. The program will assist young girls to discover their talents and utilize them better their lives and communities.

WHAIafrica trains the club leaders who chair the monthly meetings.  Club members meet monthly to empower themselves and help other girls build healthy self-esteem, learn lifelong skills, craft work and enterprising careers.

The club leaders receive top notch training on leadership and development to enable them continue championing the cause in the community and schools. They will facilitate and expand the club to other schools in their community. The club has  a well-defined code of conduct and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide their operations.

The girls will grow and be at the vanguard of movement for girls’ education, gender-equity, women’s rights and a voice to be reckoned with in their respective communities.

Our Partners

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